PhD Symposium

PhD Symposium scheduled date: Monday, May 30th, 2016, 9:00 - 17.30

Tentative Program

Accepted Papers

  • Ruben Taelman. Continuously Self-Updating Queries over Dynamic Heterogeneous Linked Data
  • Emir Muñoz. On Learnability of Constraints from RDF Data
  • Tobias Weller. A Semantic Approach for Process Annotation and Similarity Analysis
  • Marco Rovera. A knowledge-based framework for events representation and reuse from historical archives
  • Nicole Merkle. Distributed Context-Aware Applications by means of Web of Things and Semantic Web Technologies
  • Benjamin Timmermans. Exploiting disagreement through open-ended tasks for capturing interpretation spaces
  • Amna Basharat. Semantics Driven Human-Machine Computation Framework for Linked Islamic Knowledge Engineering
  • Oana Inel. Machine-Crowd Annotation Workflow for Event Understanding across Collections and Domains
  • Alexander Dejonghe. Towards scalable federated context-aware stream reasoning
  • Eugen Ruppert. Unsupervised Conceptualization and Semantic Text Indexing for Information Extraction