Eleni Pratsini


Dr. Eleni Pratsini
Lab Director, Smarter Cities Technology Center, IBM Research – Ireland. 

Eleni Pratsini is Director of the IBM Research – Ireland Lab, overseeing research activities in high performance systems, optimization and control, semantic systems and cognitive computing. The Lab’s mission is on advancing science and technology for intelligent urban and environmental systems, with a focus on creating analytics and optimization solutions and systems for sustainable energy, constrained resources (e.g. urban water management), transportation, citizen care, and the underlying city fabric that assimilates and shares data and models for these domains.  Prior to moving to Ireland, Eleni was Director of Optimization Research at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center in New York, Manager of Mathematical and Computational Sciences of IBM Research – Zurich, and Research Scientists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETHZ). 


website: http://researcher.ibm.com/researcher/


Semanting Technologies in Business: are we there yet?

Developing intelligent solutions requires a comprehensive understanding and management of the data. Intelligent semantic systems provide the smart technologies to harvest large amounts of data and insight in order to find solutions to the problems in various application areas. Typical challenges are: data acquisition from different types of sources; establishing links among different data types using both structure and content; dynamic, real-time processing of data; scalability for analytics and query processing, just to name a few. These challenges often prevent a business from even starting to look at the information and make sense out of it. At the same time, advances in cognitive computing offer new possibilities in analyzing unstructured information for richer insights. In this talk, we will use applications to discuss the use of semantic technologies, point out the research challenges, and highlight the business benefit from these technologies. We will conclude with a view on future research directions.